Export from WhereIsIt? 2014 Software and Import to WinCatalog 2017 Disk Catalog Software

If you use WhereIsIt, and want to migrate your catalog of disks and files to WinCatalog 2017 disk catalog software, you can easily export your catalogue, created by WhereIsIt cataloging software, using XML export, produced by WhereIsIt, and import it to WinCatalog 2017.

WinCatalog customers say:

"Was using WherIsIt, but Wincatalog is head and shoulders above it."
Charles Rice

"5* product and support - without a doubt the leading data cataloguer in 2017 - thank you!"
Paul Apple

"Tried at least 5 other catalog softwares. By far WinCatalog is the best."
Michael Leinwander

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WinCatalog 2018 5 out of 5 based on 288 votes.
WinCatalog 2017 - Disk Catalog Software for Windows