Export from WhereIsIt? 2014 Software and Import to WinCatalog 2019 Disk Catalog Software

If you use WhereIsIt, and want to migrate your catalog of disks and files to WinCatalog 2019 disk catalog software, you can easily export your catalogue, created by WhereIsIt cataloging software, using XML export, produced by WhereIsIt, and import it to WinCatalog 2019.

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WinCatalog 2019 - Disk Catalog Software for Windows

How to convert your catalog of disks and files from WhereIsIt to WinCatalog 2019 disk and file catalog software?

Part I: Export from WhereIsIt Software

  1. Run WhereIsIt and click the Main button, point to Report Generator, and then click Report Generator Wizard.
  2. On Step 1 click Next to proceed to Step 2, then in the Pre-defined reports select the "List of all cataloged files and folders on selected disks" and click Next.
  3. On Step 3 mark all available disks and click Finish. WhereIsIt will collect report data and will show the Report Generator after that.
  4. In the Report Generator window, in Report Destination section please select Export, then select XML file in the dropdown list below.
  5. Make sure that the Export Settings dropdown is set to XML, not to XML (MIDAS).
  6. In the Report Columns section mark as many columns as you wish, then unmark all checkboxes in the Sort column.
  7. In the Report Layout Options select Sort items on list by their source and mark Include Catalog Headers, Include Disk Headers, Include Folder Headers. The Report Generator should look similar to the following screenshot:
  8. WhereIsIt Report Generator
    WhereIsIt Report Generator
  9. Click Export to save the report.

Part II: Converting into WinCatalog 2019 format

  1. Download a free application "WhereIsIt to WinCatalog Converter". The converter requires .NET Framework 2.0 or newer. 

    Download Converter

  2. Run the downloaded Converter and follow the wizard.
  3. That's it. After the process ends, WinCatalog will be able to open the catalogue file. It will show you the hierarchical structure and will provide an ability to search for files and folders. The converter also copies tags, categories, and locations. Both tags and categories are now Tags in WinCatalog (because WinCatalog does not have such a separation).
    However, you should known, that the export file produced by WhereIsIt contains fewer data about disks and files, for example, there is no way to get disks' serial numbers in the report. That is why some functions may not work correctly (for example, Execute or Open in Explorer), but these problems may be solved by updating the disk.
  4. After converting all the info, you may uninstall the converter.

Please, contact us, if you have any questions.

WhereIsIt to WinCatalog Converter Screenshots

Screenshots were made under Windows 10