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Create a catalog of all your discs, files, and folders.

The program grabs all info automatically: no typing needed.

Catalog an unlimited number of discs, files, and folders

Database DrivenWinCatalog adds discs or folders, remembers each file, and preserves the entire nested hierarchical folder structure. It automatically grabs additional info for music files, keeps picture thumbnails, and parses archives' contents.

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Browse, sort, and search your disc catalog

Manage your disc catalogBrowse your database in the grid or thumbnail view modes. Create virtual (blue) folders and move your discs, files, and folders into these folders. Sort lists by any fields. Find files using natural or advanced search queries. Preview items' properties instantly without opening additional windows. Keep track of loaned discs.

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Export your collection into an HTML or CSV report

Database DrivenExport a part of your disc catalog into an HTML or CSV file for publishing over the local network or Internet, modifying or printing with any spreadsheet application.

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Real customers say:

"I could not be happier with any other tracking program. To me WinCatalog does it all... It contains the answers and database tracking I have looked for in other programs, but have never found. Although slightly higher in cost compared to others, it's money well spent. If you're looking for a program to track those many movies, or whatever it might be, this is it!"
Peter Huber

"Excellent software! Thank you for sticking to conventional look & feel as much as possible - it makes the program very intuitive to use. Also, the nested virtual folders alone are worth the money - no one else seems to understand or implement this feature correctly."
James Lohman

"By the way - fantastic program. I had used WinCatalog Light years ago. Now bought copies of Pro for myself and my wife for work and pleasure. Having cataloged old drives I have been able to easily find things I had long forgotten."
John Blackmore

WinCatalog 2019 for Windows 5 out of 5 based on 502 votes.