Disk Cataloger for Windows - WinCatalog 2024

Looking for a reliable and powerful disk cataloger to organize your huge collection of disks?

WinCatalog WinCatalog 2024 disk cataloger is a perfect solution! On the market since 2001.

Automatically create a catalog of all files, stored on your disks (HDDs, DVDs, CDs, network drives and other data storage devices): automatically grab ID3 tags for music files, Exif tags for image files (photos), picture thumbnails, thumbnails and basic information for video files, contents of archive files, ebooks metadata, PDF thumbnails, ISO files, and much more.

Organize your file catalog, using virtual folders, tags (categories) and user defined fields, and find files in seconds, using powerful search, even when disks are not connected to the computer. Also easily find duplicate files. Your disk catalog can be automatically updated through Windows task scheduler.

And no matter how huge your collection of disks is - you will always have your file catalog on hand, perfectly organized.

WinCatalog 2024 - Disk Cataloger Software for Windows

WinCatalog customers say:

"A good cataloger is the basis for successful systematization of media resources!"

Felix Kasparinsky

"First of all congratulations for your fantastic programm, I have a lot of Harddisks, Cd's and DVD's and it is very easy to find my data now."

Michael Braun

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WinCatalog 2024 for Windows 5 out of 5 based on 979 votes.

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For Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Latest version: 2024.7.5 (June 12, 2024)

Free, full-featured 30-day trial version. If you have not purchased a licence key - read-only mode after 30 days.

Available Interface Languages: English (default), Český, Dansk, Deutsch, Español Europeo & Español Latino, Français, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski, Português Brasileiro & Portugal, Română, Slovak, Slovenski, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, العربية (Arabic), Bahasa Indonesia, Русский, Ελληνικά, 한국어, 日本人, 中文

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How does WinCatalog Disk Cataloger work?

WinCatalog Disk Cataloger scans your disks, remembers all the folders, files, and some additional information about your files such as ID3 or Exif tags, thumbnails for pictures, contents of the archives and ISO files, parts of text files, tags from saved web pages, etc.

The main purpose of WinCatalog Disk Cataloger is to give an ability to browse and search through your catalog even if the original disks and files are off-line.

For example, your files can be located on a removable hard drive, on a shared network folder, or burned on a CD, DVD, or a Blu-ray disc and you will still have the ability to find files with WinCatalog and even preview their properties, including images (photo) and video thumbnails, before inserting or connecting any disk to the computer.

Otherwise (if you do not use WinCatalog Disk Cataloger), in order to find a file you would need to connect disks or insert media one-by-one to find a specific file.

In other words, WinCatalog Disk Cataloger saves your time and efforts in finding files wherever they are located.

The latest version adds an ability to process ebook metadata for the following file formats: ePub, iBook, Fb2 and Mobi (.epub, .ibook, .fb2, .mobi, .prc, .azw and .azw3 extensions), so you can use WinCatalog as a ebook catalog software. Also, in the latest version, extracting thumbnails and basic Exif tags from RAW files works up to 3 times faster. Scanning and updating speed has been significantly improved as well, especially for "deep" folders and for folders with a large amount of files.

WinCatalog customers say:


"This program is just what I needed to catalog my audio and video files. Now I can find my audio and video titles with just a press of a key. Many thanks for a great program."

Gordon Gentry

"Excellent software! Thank you for sticking to conventional look & feel as much as possible — it makes the program very intuitive to use. Also, the nested virtual folders alone are worth the money — no one else seems to understand or implement this feature correctly."

James Lohman

"By the way — fantastic program. I had used WinCatalog Light years ago. Now bought copies of Pro for myself and my wife for work and pleasure. Having cataloged old drives I have been able to easily find things I had long forgotten."

John Blackmore

Features highlight

Catalog your disks, files, and folders automatically

Let WinCatalog Disk Cataloger scan your disks just once and it will remember all the details!

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Browse and organize your disk catalog

Manage your disk catalog by using categories or virtual folders. Create and assign tags. Browse using the grid or thumbnails view modes.

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Search instantly

Find exactly what you want by searching using natural search queries, wildcards, or logical search operators.

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WinCatalog 2024 Disk Cataloger Software Screenshots

* Screenshots were made under Windows 10 (WinCatalog as a desktop app)

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