WinCatalog 2024.3 Release

Hello, we’re glad to announce that the a new version of WinCatalog was just released. The version number is 2024.3. We’ve listened your feedback and implemented some exciting new features and improvements.

New Feature: Reading File Tags from File Explorer

The new feature lets you read file tags from the Details tab of File Properties in File Explorer. If the file type supports additional information, WinCatalog will read it! Keywords and rating are imported as tags (and the original rating value is stored internally for future usage), and comments are added to the Comment field. For hierarchical tags saved by, for example, Adobe Bridge (they are separated by vertical bars) can be separated.

This option is turned on by default for the Full File Info scanning profile, WinCatalog will grab File Explorer tags for new and modified files. If you want WinCatalog to add tags for files that have already been added to the catalog and have not been modified, temporarily disable the “While updating a disk or a folder: skip unmodified files (speeds up the update process)” option. It is located on the General Scanning tab for each scanning profile. Don’t forget to enable the option after updating the drives in order to speed up future updates.

Display the Total Number of Files and Folders

Ever wondered how many files and folders are nested inside a particular folder? Wonder no more! WinCatalog 2024.3 can now display the total number of files and folders (and also drives, virtual folders and custom items) within each folder, providing you with a snapshot overview of your storage situation. You can find these number on the General tab of item properties. It works for drives, folders, archives.

This feature not only allows you to find out the number of files, but also to compare this data with what is displayed by a file manager such as File Explorer. That is why WinCatalog uses two counting methods for archives: if you select an archive and look at its properties, the General tab will display the number of files and folders inside the archive. However, if you select multiple files and folders (or look at the properties of the parent folder or disk), the entire archive will be counted as a single file. This is done so that the number of files and folders displayed by WinCatalog corresponds to the number displayed by File Explorer.

Show or Hide the Advanced Search Options Pane

Now you can hide the Advanced Search Options pane to save vertical space for search results in case you don’t need it. The Look In filter is always visible, but the additional tabs can be collapsed.

Paste or Drag Thumbnails to Thumbnail tab

To quickly assign a thumbnail to any entry in WinCatalog, you can now open the Thumbnail tab of the item properties, and paste the thumbnail from the Cliboard, or drag a picture from the System.

Permanent Tag Order

The string representation of associated tags is now sorted alphabetically, so these values always look the same in reports or in the WinCatalog interface.

Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

As always, we’ve ironed out some minor bugs and made performance improvements to ensure that WinCatalog runs smoothly.

Upgrading to WinCatalog 2024

WinCatalog 2024 is available as a free upgrade to everyone who purchased a license to WinCatalog 2024, or WinCatalog 2023 (meaning a full 2023 version, not an upgrade from a previous version), or a Lifetime Major Upgrades option, or the upgrade to WinCatalog 2023 within the last 6 months from the release date (starting from February 1st, 2023).

Others can purchase an upgrade to WinCatalog 2024 at a special upgrade price with a 50% discount. To check your upgrade status or renew a registration key if needed, please click here.


To download WinCatalog 2024.3 please click here. You do not need to uninstall a previous version of WinCatalog. Just install the latest version over the existing one.

Posted on: October 5, 2023