WinCatalog 2024.7 Release

Hello, we’re glad to announce that a new version of WinCatalog has been released. The version number is 2024.7 This update includes several enhancements, bug fixes and a new experimental feature. Below is a summary of the changes in this release:

WinCatalog Discography

Thanks to your feedback, WinCatalog now allows you to add audio CDs (and other types of media) without needing to insert them into a drive. Simply enter the artist’s name, the release title, or the barcode, perform an online search, and save all the details in your catalog. This feature is currently experimental and only supports as the data source, but we plan to expand support to include other data sources in the future.

How It Works:

  1. Launch WinCatalog 2024.7.
  2. Click the “From Internet” button in the Adding section of the toolbar.
  3. A new window for release searches will appear.
    • If you want to search for releases related to a specific artist, select Artists.
    • To search by release title or barcode, switch to Releases.
  4. Enter your search query and click Search. WinCatalog will search MusicBrainz and display releases matching your query. If you know the MusicBrainz ID of the release or artist, you can use it by simply entering it instead of a search query.

WinCatalog 2024.7 - Adding Audio Cds Additional Steps for Artist Searches: If multiple artists match your query, WinCatalog will ask you to select the correct one. Each release may have several media associated with it. By selecting a release on the left, you can see the different media and tracks. Click “Add” to place the disc in the Basket for later addition to the catalog. Then, click “Save” or “Save & Close” to add the contents of the Basket to your catalog.

Check the screenshot of a search example for “take five” (without quotes). Click on the image to see it in the full resolution.

For more details on the new feature, refer to the user manual here.

Ohter changes

Thumbnail Preview Pane Updates: You now have the option to choose whether you want to stretch images to fill the entire preview pane or display them as is. Additionally, you can copy images to the clipboard. Both options are available through the context menu of the Thumbnail Preview Pane.

When manually adding thumbnails (remember, you can add thumbnails to any item in WinCatalog), you can now choose whether to resize the added image or keep it in its original size.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with generating HTML reports when saving them to the root directory of a drive. The report previously saved incorrect links to icons and thumbnails.
  • When adding a new item (virtual (blue) folder, custom item), it now appears in the correct position according to the selected sorting order, instead of at the end of the list as before. Renaming any item will also trigger sorting, just like in File Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where the elapsed time after the second half of each hour was shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where, if an audio file contained more than one thumbnail, WinCatalog would not display any thumbnails. Other minor changes and improvements.
  • The ability to turn off the color codes for cloud-on-demand (green font) and archived files (blue) was added. You can find it on the Look and Feel page of the Program Options.


To download WinCatalog 2024.7 please click here. You do not need to uninstall a previous version of WinCatalog. Just install the latest version over the existing one.

Posted on: May 15, 2024