WinCatalog 2020.4 Release

Hello, we’re glad to inform you that WinCatalog 2020.4 was released.

The new version fixes bugs and adds several new features: it adds new columns to the Grid view (that is why the installation will reset the column set you have). The new columns are duration (for video and audio files), dimensions (for video and pictures), audio and video codecs, and date taken (for photos). More columns will be added in the next major upgrade (the 2021 version) later this year.

The other addition is the option to use only system icons. From the early beginnings, WinCatalog used custom icons for archives, video files, and photos if it was able to parse the files and grab additional information. Custom icons were a kind of marker indicating that additional information was grabbed for files.

Now this feature can be turned off and WinCatalog will display system icons for all files independently from the fact if it grabbed Exif tags, media information, or parsed the archive contents.

Another new feature is the ability to change sort logic by switching between natural and ordinal (i.e. computer) string comparison.

The default option is the natural string comparison (a1→a2→a3→a10→a11→a20→a30→a100), that is how WinCatalog sorted strings previously. Turning off the natural comparison feature means the sorting decisions are based on simple byte comparisons (a1→a10→a11→a100→a2→a20→a3→a30).

The second addition to the search logic is the ability to enable or disable showing folders and drives above files (when sorting alphabetically). Displaying folders above files is the default behavior and that is how it works in File Explorer. Turning this option off will cause displaying folders and files sorted by names ignoring types (Mac OS Finder style).

The ability to select multiple tags in the Tags tree view by holding the CTRL key and clicking was added.

The support of .MXF files (a container format for professional digital video and audio media) was added, now WinCatalog can grab thumbnails and media information from .MXF files.

Better handling of optical drives: Now when WinCatalog parses EXIF tags from photos burned to optical drives, it performs a sequential reading to the memory and performs the parsing and thumbnail generation in the memory. This approach helps to avoid excessive head movements of optical drives. WinCatalog automatically detects optical drives and turns this feature on if needed.


To download WinCatalog 2020.4 please click here. You do not need to uninstall a previous version of WinCatalog. Just install the latest version over the existing one.

Posted on: March 2, 2021