WinCatalog 2019 Release 19.8.1

Hello, we’re glad to announce that the new version of WinCatalog was released. The version number is 19.8.1.

This is a small maintenance update fixing an issue of rounding down the total size of the drives in the phrase “280.5 GB is free of 1.82 TB” (WinCatalog displays it on the Properties panel). Previously WinCatalog rounded down the total size, now it rounds the total size down to gigabytes, just like File Explorer does, i.e. 931.6 GB will be shown as 931 GB, 1,862 GB will be shown as 1.82 TB.

The other changes are the units for some multimedia values and a new form of displaying the aspect ratio (as on the picture). Displaying the Volume Size

WinCatalog 2020 will be released within the next few weeks, bringing faster search, an ability to open more than one Main tab, and other improvements. Everyone who purchases WinCatalog 2019 until the 2020 release will get the upgrade to WinCatalog 2020 for free.


To download WinCatalog 2019 version 19.8.1 please click here. You do not need to uninstall a previous version of WinCatalog. Just install the latest version over the existing one.

Posted on: August 31, 2020