WinCatalog 2017 Release 17.45

Hello, we would like to announce a new release of WinCatalog 2017 version 17.45. This is a maintenance update fixing an issue with audio files processing (some stereo mp3 files were wrongly detected as mono). Another improvement fixes a negative effect of the recent Microsoft Spectre/Meltdown update for Windows 10 – on computers with Windows 10 installed WinCatalog started with a delay of 3-10 seconds. Now it starts almost the same time as before.

This is the minor upgrade, it is free for everyone who owns a license for WinCatalog 2017 or purchased the Lifetime Major Upgrade Option.

To download WinCatalog 2017 version 17.45, please click here. You do not need to uninstall a previous version of WinCatalog – just install the latest version over the existing one.

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