WinCatalog - CD/DVD Catalog Software

Read more about WinCatalog 2009! WinCatalog 2009 searches various media for files, documents, images, and music: it can be on CD, DVD, Flash Cards, Memory Sticks, Zip Disks.

The program remembers where each file, image, or music track is stored and allows you to find them in no time. Moreover, WinCatalog 2009 will tell you on what shelf the necessary disk is located.

All you’ll have to do will be reach for it and take it. Try it now – it’s free!

WinCatalog 2009 can:

  • Catalog any drive
  • Scan archives contents (ZIP, RAR, SFX RAR)
  • Retrieve Audio CD track names from Internet
  • Extract mp3, html file descriptions (ID3 and meta tags)
  • Search using wildcard and operators (AND, NOT, OR)
  • Much more…

What’s Next?

Posted on: January 27, 2009