WinCatalog 2009 (version 2.8) is released

WinCatalog 2009 (version 2.8) is released today.

Main changes are:

  • Now it is possible to calculate MD5 checksum for files, however enabling this option will extremely slow down the speed of large files scanning. This option is switched off by default.
  • Location field now available not only for file items and volumes but also for every item in WinCatalog 2009. The Location field has been moved from Volume Info tab to General tab.
  • Due to new fields addition, the file format for WinCatalog 2009 has been changed. WinCatalog 2009 will open all collection files created with any previous version of WinCatalog, but a previous version of WinCatalog may not open the collection file in the new format. Please make a backup copy of all your existing collection files before using the new version.
  • Now it is possible to expand and collapse tree branches using popup menu.
  • Scanning report dialog now contains “Updated” tab in additional to “Added” and “Deleted” tabs.
  • Now it is possible to keep Report dialog open on generating a report.
  • The ability to exclude “leaf” items from reports: it is possible to exclude files, archive and/or empty folders.
  • Specific property page for user properties in the main window.
  • The ability to backup a collection file before save by adding “BackupX” (where X is a number) word to the filename. The most recent backup file has no number at all. You can configure this feature in the Auto Backup tab of the Program Options dialog box.

You can download the latest version of WinCatalog 2009 here.

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