WinCatalog 2019 Disk and File Catalog Software + SecureSafe Pro Password Manager + ToDoPilot Personal Organizer

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Valid on October 7-8th, 2016

We are glad to announce a massive more than 82% discount for our products. Buying today you can get WinCatalog 2019 Professional, SecureSafe Pro Password Manager and ToDoPilot Personal Organizer for just $19.95.

The retail price of this products is $109.85. So you save $89.90!

One Free Major Upgrade for Each Product

The offer also includes one free major update for each product: you will get WinCatalog 2019 (it will be released soon), SecureSafe Pro 4.0 (it will be released in the beginning of 2019), and ToDoPilot 2.0 when it will be released!

Download Evaluation

Download Zip archive containing all 3 installations for Windows. 29 MB.


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What's Included

WinCatalog 2019 Professional (+free major upgrade to WinCatalog 2019 Professional)

The retail price: $49.95. Disk and File Catalog Software for Windows. It's easy to search for files, music, movies pictures and documents. No matter if your files are stored on a CD, DVD, flash memory card or the hard disk, it will search for files even without inserting a disc! [More...]

SecureSafe Pro Password Manager (+free major upgrade)

The retail price: $39.95. SecureSafe Pro Password Manager for Windows is a unique solution for storing confidential information: passwords, credit card numbers and confidential data. It comes with military-grade encryption options, requires remembering only one password and is free to try! [More...]

ToDoPilot (+free major upgrade)

The retail price: $19.95. Too many things to remember? Try ToDoPilot for Windows! The tiny organizer makes it simple to enter, organize and view tasks on your computer. No need to download bulkware or learn complex planners! ToDoPilot has everything you need to never forget about your planned activities or special events. [More...]