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Updating a Disc, a Folder or a File

Use the -Update (-u) key to update a drive, folder or file in the collection:
Path in catalog to a drive, a folder or a file that you want to update should be passed in the -CatalogPath (-cp) parameter:
-CatalogPath "path in collection"
-cp "path in collection"


The drive should be connected to the computer before running the command. Otherwise, WinCatalog will display the "Insert Disc" reminder and will wait for user action.


WinCatalog.exe –Open "d:\my collection.w3cat" –Update -CatalogPath "Collection\Folder\Sub Folder\My Music"
WinCatalog.exe –o "d:\my collection.w3cat" –u -cp "Collection\Folder\Sub Folder\My Music"
Start WinCatalog, open the collection file "d:\my collection.w3cat", update the folder (or the disk) "Collection\Folder\Sub Folder\My Music"