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Modifying the scanning options

To modify the scanning options please select the scanning preset you wish to modify, change the options you and click Save button to apply the changes. The changes will be saved into the current catalog file. The changes you make are available for all the disks that uses the modified scanning preset. Please note that changes you make affect the future scans and updates and does not change the previously catalogued files (until you click the Update button).
Modifying the scanning options

The selected preset

1. The selected preset
The selected preset (set of the scanning options). All the options for this preset are loaded into the right panels. For each scanning preset, WinCatalog displays the number of disks that use the preset.

Name of the scanning preset

2. Name of the scanning preset
The name of the scanning preset. WinCatalog displays the name in bold font and text in the round brackets using a normal font.

Save and Discard buttons

3. Save and Discard buttons
Click Save to apply the changes you made, or Discard to cancel the changes

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