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Full List of Commands

Commands Without Parameters

-ExitWhenDone / -ewd - Close WinCatalog when operation is completed.
-CreatePathIfNotExist / -cne - If not exists, create a path of virtual (blue) folders.
-LogClear / -lc - Clear the log file before opening (otherwise messages will be appended).

Commands with Parameters

-Open / -o - open a catalog file (parameter: path to the file to open).
-FileNew / -n - create a new catalog file or open if exists (parameter: path to the file to create).
-LogFile / -log - write error/info messages to a file (parameter: path to the log file).

Commands Getting Parameters from other Parameters

-AddNew / -add - add a new folder or disk from a file system.
Parameters: -FileSystemPath, -ProfileId, -CatalogPath (optional, default is the root entry of the catalog file) .
-Update / -u - update a disk or a folder.
Parameters: -CatalogPath
-ShowInCatalog / -sic - open a catalog folder in WinCatalog.
Parameters: -CatalogPath
-Search / -s - Start a search.
-CatalogPath (optional),
-SizeLessThan / -SizeEqualTo / -SizeGreaterThan (optional),
-DateCreatedBefore / -DateCreatedOn / -DateCreatedAfter (optional),
-DateModifiedBefore / -DateModifiedOn / -DateModifiedAfter (optional),
-TypeFolders / -TypeFiles (optional),
-Locations (optional),
-TagsAny / -TagsEach / -TagsNone (optional),
-Duplicates (optional).

Parameters for other commands

-CatalogPath / -cp - path in the catalog.
-SearchQuery / -sq - search query for -Search command.
-ProfileId / -pid - the ID of the scanning profile to use for the AddNew operation. The ID is the numeric value and may be found on top of the General Scanning page for each scannin profile.
-FileSystemPath / -fsp - path in the file system. A backslash at the end is optional.
-SizeLessThan / -SizeEqualTo / -SizeGreaterThan - size filter for -Search command.
-DateCreatedBefore / -DateCreatedOn / -DateCreatedAfter - creation date filter for -Search command.
-DateModifiedBefore / -DateModifiedOn / -DateModifiedAfter - modified date filter for -Search command.
-TypeFolders / -TypeFiles - type filter for -Search command.
-Locations - locations filter for -Search command.
-TagsAny / -TagsEach / -TagsNone - tags filter for -Search command.
-Duplicates - duplicates filter for -Search command.