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Full List of Commands

Commands Without Parameters

-ExitWhenDone / -ewd - Close WinCatalog when operation is completed.
-CreatePathIfNotExist / -cne - If not exists, create a path of virtual (blue) folders.
-LogClear / -lc - Clear the log file before opening (otherwise messages will be appended).

Commands with Parameters

-Open / -o - open a collection file (parameter: path to the file to open).
-FileNew / -n - create a new collection file or open if exists (parameter: path to the file to create).
-LogFile / -log - write error/info messages to a file (parameter: path to the log file).

Commands Getting Parameters from other Parameters

-AddNew / -add - add a new folder or disk from a file system.
Parameters: -FileSystemPath, -CatalogPath (optional, default is root or the collection).
-Update / -u - update a disk or a folder.
Parameters: -CatalogPath
-ShowInCatalog / -sic - open a collection folder in WinCatalog.
Parameters: -CatalogPath
-Search / -s - Start a search.
-CatalogPath (optional),
-SizeLessThan / -SizeEqualTo / -SizeGreaterThan (optional),
-DateCreatedBefore / -DateCreatedOn / -DateCreatedAfter (optional),
-DateModifiedBefore / -DateModifiedOn / -DateModifiedAfter (optional),
-TypeFolders / -TypeFiles (optional),
-Locations (optional),
-TagsAny / -TagsEach / -TagsNone (optional),
-Duplicates (optional).

Parameters for other commands

-CatalogPath / -cp - path in the catalog, must start with the root folder.
-SearchQuery / -sq - search query for -Search command.
-FileSystemPath / -fsp - path in the file system. A backslash at the end is optional.
-SizeLessThan / -SizeEqualTo / -SizeGreaterThan - size filter for -Search command.
-DateCreatedBefore / -DateCreatedOn / -DateCreatedAfter - creation date filter for -Search command.
-DateModifiedBefore / -DateModifiedOn / -DateModifiedAfter - modified date filter for -Search command.
-TypeFolders / -TypeFiles - type filter for -Search command.
-Locations - locations filter for -Search command.
-TagsAny / -TagsEach / -TagsNone - tags filter for -Search command.
-Duplicates - duplicates filter for -Search command.