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Finding Duplicates of Files and Other Entries

To start finding duplicates please run WinCatalog and open a new search tab by clicking the New Search tab:
In the Search field please type a word or a phrase (all duplicated entries should match that word or a phase), for example "*.jpg" (without quotes) to find duplicates only for jpg files.
Mark the Duplicates row in the additional search options and select fields that will compared during the duplicates finding process (other rows are optional and may be used as additional filters):
Click Search when done. WinCatalog will find all the files that match the query (*.jpg on the picture above) and then it will filter the results to show only the files where the selected fields (Name, Modified Data and Size on the picture above) are the same.
If you sort the results by the Name column, all the duplicated entries will be grouped.
All the fields are optional. For example, you may want to select CRC32 (or MD5) field only, this will find duplicates of files that have different names. Please note that the option to calculate checksums (MD5/CRC32) is turned off by default.
If you want to find duplicates of files that have, for example, different size, you should exclude the Size column from the list of compared fields. If you want to find duplicates, that have the size larger or smaller than specified, you should use the "Size (KB)" filter. For example, to find files larger than 1MB you should mark the "Size (KB) row, select "Greater than" in the condition column and type 1024 into the value field. The same rule can be applied to other fields (dates created and modified, catalog path, type, tags, locations).