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Catalog file is locked error message

When starting a scanning or a updating process, WinCatalog displays the "Catalog file is locked" error message:
The scanning module in WinCatalog is implemented as a separate process. And every time it starts scanning, it creates a simple text file next to the catalog file where it puts locking info. When the scanning is finished, the scanning module deletes the lock file.
You can see that it is named as your catalog file, but with the .scanlock extension.
This functionality was added to prevent running several scanning processes simultaneously, especially when the catalog file is shared between several users.
The fact that WinCatalog displays the "file is locked" warning on your computer means that the .scanlock file wasn't deleted after the previous scan, in your case because the process wasn't finished correctly.
Please try to add a small folder from your hard drive to the catalog. Click Continue Anyway in the warning message (or delete the .scanlock file in File Explorer before starting the process). Wait until the scanning is completed (do you hear the ta-da sound at the end?). Please check if the .scanlock file remains to exist next to your catalog file.
Since version 17.2 WinCatalog allows disabling the .scanlock file for a single user environment. If WinCatalog still does not delete the .scanlock file after the scanning is finished, and if you are the only person who uses WinCatalog, please run WinCatalog, click the Catalog button (left from the Main tab of the Ribbon toolbar) and then click Options.
Follow to the Administrative tab and unmark the following option: "Use a .scanlock file to protect the catalog file in a multi-user mode". Click OK. After that WinCatalog will stop using the .scanlock file.

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