WinCatalog 2015 disk catalog software - catalogs disks, files and folders
and keeps them in a perfect order!

WinCatalog 2015 - is versatile cataloguer software for disks, files, folders and any non-file objects.

With WinCatalog 2015 you can build an all-purpose catalog using one of two multi-faceted options:

  • Automatically read data from any media plugged to the computer including DVD, CD, flash drives, hard drives and others;
  • Adding non-file elements to the catalog (for example, books, stamps, coins, collectible toys and so on) as custom entries.

Once created, a catalog allows you to search instantly for disks, files, folders and other catalog elements without opening the source media.

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Latest version:15.3 (September 2, 2015)  |  Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista  |  Size: 8.5 Mb

Interface Languages Available

English (default), Arabic, Chinese Traditional & Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesean, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brasilian & Continental, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

WHY CHOOSE WinCatalog 2015?

Database Driven

Unlimited catalog size meets unprecedented work speed

The main advantage of WinCatalog 2015 is extremely fast operation of the catalog thanks to industrial database standards implemented in the program and powered by SQLite DBMS. With it, you can find any given object in your collection in a matter of seconds!

Extremely simple and intuitive user interface

We put much into developing as simple and straightforward interface as possible in order to let you enjoy all functions of WinCatalog 2015 right after installation.

Intuitive and simple interface
WinCatalog can extract Exif and thumbnails

Ability to extract and store in a catalog thumbnails of graphic files (photos, pictures, RAW-images), as well as EXIF data of digital photographs

Thanks to WinCatalog 2015 you can automatically create and store thumbnails of graphic files saved in all popular formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, Tiff, WMF, and EMF) or RAW image formats produced by most of modern digital cameras. You can also save EXIF data (comments, resolution, camera model, focal distance and other parameters).

This means you can preview picture thumbnails in the catalog without the need to open the particular media. And this in turn allows you to quickly and easily locate a photo or an image in your collection!

Fluently scan inside Zip, RAR and 7z archives as well as ISO disk images, and add them as folders into the catalog

The program supports Zip, Zipx, RAR and 7z compressed files as well as ISO and NRG disk images. Files inside archives are displayed as files in folders.

WinCatalog can scan inside archives
WinCatalog 2015 extracts ID3 tags

Automatically extract supplemental information from music, video, HTML, TXT files during disk scanning

  • WinCatalog 2015 can display ID3 tags including artist name, song, album, disk cover and other information for music files in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, OGA, ASF, M4A, M4B, M4P and MP4.
  • For video files WinCatalog extracts basic information including codec, video frame resolution, audio tracks information, etc.
  • For HTML files WinCatalog extracts and stores headings and tags.
  • For text files WinCatalog extracts a part of text and creates a preview that is displayed when you search for a particular document.

The advanced catalog search algorithm, search results filtering, simultaneous multi-search, search for duplicate files

WinCatalog implements both the typical search algorithm using simple queries and the advanced search using logical operators AND, OR, parenthesis and quotes - this makes the search more precise and provides for exact matching catalog search results. And since you can filter search results any way you want, you can find the desired catalog element almost instantly. Besides, search results can be grouped together using one or more criteria to quickly locate duplicate files.

Powerful search function
Contact management

Contacts, keywords and storage management (including virtual folders usage)

  • Contact management allows you to control who you give a certain media to.
  • Keyword management allows you to assign a set of keywords to every element for quicker and more accurate search. While arranging the collection across virtual folders using drag?n?drop leaving the actual file and folder structure intact allows you to manage your catalog better.
  • Storage management allows you to add all possible storage places to the program. This could be, for instance, "box #1" or "DVD holder #2" etc., and to assign matching collection elements with every storage place. This is enormous time saver when you have hundreds of disks and other media.

Report generation and HTML or CSV export

This function allows you to create nice reports to send to your friends, publish online, print or perform in-depth processing in MS Excel.

WinCatalog 2015 can generate reports
Unicode support

Unicode support

WinCatalog correctly deals with any names and titles regardless of the language thanks to full Unicode support.

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The trial version is limited to 10 disks per a collection file. No other limitations.

Real customers say:

"I could not be happier with any other tracking program. To me WinCatalog does it all... It contains the answers and database tracking I have looked for in other programs, but have never found. Although slightly higher in cost compared to others, it's money well spent. If you're looking for a program to track those many movies, or whatever it might be, this is it!"
Peter Huber
"Excellent software! Thank you for sticking to conventional look & feel as much as possible — it makes the program very intuitive to use. Also, the nested virtual folders alone are worth the money — no one else seems to understand or implement this feature correctly."
James Lohman
"By the way — fantastic program. I had used WinCatalog Light years ago. Now bought copies of Pro for myself and my wife for work and pleasure. Having cataloged old drives I have been able to easily find things I had long forgotten."
John Blackmore
WinCatalog 2015 is rated 5 out of 5 based on 6842 votes.
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